Castle View offers a fantastic and purposeful enrichment programme to engage our children in the wider community, build personal character and teach important life-skills. Enrichment activities are planned to develop our pupils’ skills needed for everyday life, their future learning and life beyond school.
We believe that enrichment can extend the range of educational experiences for our children, broaden their horizons by giving them the opportunity to try new things while also giving students the opportunity to find out more about their interests and passions.

Exciting visits take place for every class to help pupils become more engaged in their learning and retain knowledge. These also contribute to pupils’ personal development as they improve their ability to concentrate, make learning more meaningful and offer new experiences.
Throughout the school year, expert visitors from the local community and beyond are utilised to provide an opportunity to address current topics and provide a platform for the delivery of key messages.

The lasting impact of these high-quality visits and specialist visitors are invaluable as they develop pupils’ positive attitudes for learning, sustains interests and enhances pupils’ creative curiosity in the world and life around them.


Meadway, Halton Brook, WA7 2DZ

Headteacher | Ms H Melarangi

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Deputy Headteacher | Mrs J Hidden

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SEN Coordinator | Miss L Mulholland

Attendance Officer | Miss A Sheady

Chair of Governors | Mr D Jones

Designated Safeguarding Governor | Mr D Jones

School Office Administrator | Miss E Russell

School Bursar | Mrs S Hudson