Art & Design

At Castle View, we believe art, craft and design can embody some of the highest forms of human creativity. We offer a high-quality art and design education which engages, inspires and challenges children, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills, be creative and develop outstanding pieces.

Children learn how to sketch, draw, paint, print, sculpt and explore techniques to produce final pieces of personal artwork. Corridors, classroom walls and other learning spaces are utilised to demonstrate the art and design opportunities given to the children.

Children use their sketch book to practise, explore, and refine their artistic skills, enabling them to see these skills as a developing process.

Each year, we hold an art exhibition displaying work from each class which is often based around a theme. This showcases the children’s progression of skills, processes and techniques that are learnt across the school and gives children the opportunity to see themselves as an artist as well as showcasing their work. Specialist art teachers provide opportunities for children to learn new skills, work with professional artists and develop a passion for the arts.

During our drama performances, children have the opportunity to practice their art skills by creating costumes and scenery for the stage. This enables the children to take real ownership of their art and design work and develop a sense of pride in the outcome.

Specialist art teachers provide another opportunity for pupils to learn new skills, work with professional artists and develop a passion for the arts.

?Educational visits are used as a platform to inspire artwork back in the classroom. We utilise local art galleries to provide a stimulus for children’s work in Key Stage 2.

When studying art, children at Castle View are given the opportunity to study a wide range of artists. Children are taught to think about the messages and responses the artist was trying to evoke. This gives them a platform for their own thoughts, feelings, memories and messages and they learn to explore these when studying art.

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